It doesn’t matter, if you have micro or medium company – marketing and advertising activities are an integral part of every business. We provide professional approach and the highest quality of service at a competitive prices. The types of advertisements which we offer are all sorts of graphic projects, broadly defined polygraphy (digital and offset printing), visual advertisment (lightboxes, big and small signboards, spatial and light letters, roll-ups, flags, display walls, advertising pylons, billboards constructions and much more), large format printing (banners and XXL mesh nets, prints for backlights), advertising on cars and vehicles. We prepare and realize advertising campaigns, individual gadgets and advertising clothes. We design websites, online shops and another denouements e-commerce. Our main market square is in Bialystok and in Podlaskie voivodeship, but we also handle orders from other Polish regions and from other UE countries. Thanks to a technical equipment and an experienced team of specialists, we can design and realize very unusual and advertising constructions. Check us!

Find out more about our offer:

• Baners and mesh nets • Pylons
• Billboards • Online shops
• Signboards and lightboxes • Websites
• 3D Letters • Service and restoration
• Menuboards • Montage and installation
• Information boards • Wrapping
• Image boards • Printing
• Other offer


They trust us:

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